William Kendrick


Maureen V Ward/Talented Kids Agency
Agent name
Maureen Ward
23 Burrow Manor, Calverstown, Kilcullen, Co Kildare


Full Name
William Kendrick
Physical Info
Male 6'0'' slim build with hazel eyes, medium brown hair and sideburns 
Playing Ages
33 - 45 years old
Dublin (native), Ireland Regional, Northern, English, Cockney, R.P, Scotish, Standard American, Southern Amerian, Australian,
Guild hall Performance Diploma Irish Film Academy, Certificate Acting For Film. 3 YEARS training Inchicore college. Cert, Musical grade 8s David Scott actors studio
Musical theatre, Mime, Commedia dell arte, improvisation, accents
Additional Performances
Horseriding, Soccer
Vehicle Licences
About me

Show Reels

Voice Reels

Animation Northern Ireland
Callaway Irish Accent
Disney American
Fairy Tale - English RP
Global Hotels Irish


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2023 Film Harry Higgins Jump Films Suicide Hotel Gerard McKenzie
2022 Television Himself - Lead Indiepics Until Death TBC
2020 Video Featured Rubber bandits Rubber bandits John Kenny
2020 ShortFilm Sam Fuller Patent Pictures Hangman Joseph Fuller
2019 ShortFilm The Interviewer Seamotine Productions Counterfeit Presentment Seamus Walsh
2013 MusicVideo Featured Character Rubber Bandits Rubber Bandits John Kenny
2013 Stage Director JK Productions What Would Ma Say? Ger Ronan
2012 Film Bruce Shie Dog Productions (Perth) Script Rebecca Kerr
2011 Television Messenger Starz Camelot Ciaran Donnelly
2010 Film Door Man Dublin Charlie Casanova Terry McMahon
2010 Audio Keith Dublin The Base Celine Mullins
2010 Commercial Man In Cinema RedRage Films VHI Brian O Malley
2009 ShortFilm Michael IADT Waiting Mark Armstrong
2009 Television Himself Dublin Hands On Ann Heffernan
2009 ShortFilm Shop Assistant Britas Bay (Wicklow) Windows Declan walshe
2009 ShortFilm James Dublin Dead Line Fiona Brennan
2009 Stage MacBeth Italy Macbeth Matteo Destro
2009 Stage Uncle John Dublin The Grapes of wrath Mark Lambert
2008 Voice Over E.P 1,2,3, & 8 Post Egg Production, Dublin The Clinic Various
2008 Stage Mick Dublin The Caretaker Roisin Flood
2008 ShortFilm Enda Dublin Commedia Jamie O halleron
2008 Stage Don Jon Dublin Much ado about nothing Derek Chapman
2008 Commercial Man In Tent Redrage Films Dublin Pregnancy Crisis Lena Beug
2008 Television Man in fight Dublin The Clinic Lisa Mulcahy
2008 Television Rory Dublin Raw David Cafferey
2008 Film Neil Dublin Dummey Ruth Treacey
2007 Stage Trickser Dublin Loves own sweet song Helen Montague
2007 Stage Jake . L Dublin Mahagonny Derek Chapman
2006 Stage Nick Sligo Cracking Up Sean Ronan
2006 Stage Conscience Dublin Hearing Voices Sean Ronan

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