the story of Fishpond

It was back in 2007 when Ali Coffey, working as a casting director, longed for one place where she could find the acting talent in Ireland. Previous to this, actors' CVs were kept in box files and hours could be spent rummaging around trying to find that one actor she had met that one time who would be perfect for this one role!

So she sat down at the kitchen table, drew up some plans, found some techie folks and set about building Ireland's first casting directory, Fishpond.

Fishpond 1, the prototype, launched in September 2008 and was warmly welcomed by actors, agents, and all those casting acting talent in Ireland. Since then it has gathered momentum and indeed size every year. This site now sees the 4th incarnation of Fishpond.

Most excitingly, we have at last realised a dream and streamlined the self taping side of the business with Fishpond's unique auditioncam(R) and many other features.

As Ali Coffey Casting took off over the same period, Ali finds herself on the user side of Fishpond rather than holding the reins and is very happy to now hand over to a handpicked team and let them soar with this fresh and dynamic Fishpond 5.0.

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