Fiona Lucia McGarry


Irish Actors London
Agent name
Dave Daly
2 Bloemfontein Road London W12 7BX


Full Name
Fiona Lucia McGarry
Physical Info
Female 5'9'' average build with hazel eyes, long brown hair 
Playing Ages
22 - 46 years old
White, Mediterranean
Cork (native), Irish (Regional), European (regional), UK (regional), American (regional), R.P.
Bachelor in Acting Studies, Trinity College. Bow Street Screen Acting Academy Programme.
Violin; Grade 8, sight reading, sight singing, improvisation. Composing and Arranging: Sweeneys Flight, The Good Father. Choreographer; Debs Cabaret Activate Youth Theatre 2008; Basic training in: salsa, jive, lindi hop, tango, waltz, sean nos, polka. Facilitator and Guide; European Children's Theatre Encounter 2005
Cork, Dublin
Contemporary, Irish Dancing, Jazz, Modern
Additional Performances
Improvisation, Musical theatre, Singer, Voice Over
Basketball, Swimming
Website #2

Show Reels

Voice Reels

CARI Christmas Campaign
Fiona Lucia McGarry Voice Reel
Irish Cancer Society Quit Smoking Campaign
OCO Project


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2023 Stage Narrator, Agnes, The Wren King, Gasper & Road Woman Broken Crow FOUND Julie Kelleher
2023 RehearsedReading Constance Millington Company SJ, Gate Theatre Youth's the Season - ? Sarah-Jane Scaife
2023 Musical Performer Anna Newell Theatre Adventures babyGROOVE Anna Newell
2023 Stage Performer Company SJ Beckett Project: Not I/Fizzle 4 Sarah-Jane Scaife
2023 Voice Over Victim Volcanic DRCC Mutiny
2022 Stage Nurse Abbey Theatre Joyce's Women (film) Conail Morrison
2022 Stage Nurse Abbey Theatre The Long Christmas Dinner Sarah-Jane Scaife & Raymond Keane
2022 Voice Over Narrator Volcanic Gas Networks Ireland Publicis
2022 Voice Over Narrator Volcanic Clean Air Together Mutiny
2022 Voice Over Narrator Volcanic Local Insurance Avondale
2021 RehearsedReading Mary Coppinger & Narrator Abbey Theatre Unseen Plays: The Image & Words Upon the Window Pane Sarah Jane Scaife
2021 Commercial Rachel Antidote Gas Networks Ireland Emer Reynolds
2021 Stage Jules Darn Skippy Waterbirth (Development) Roseanne Lynch
2020 Corporate Lady Marjorie Glee Google SS Global Cloud Paul Kennedy
2020 FeatureFilm Information Lady Samson Films Holy Island Robert Manson
2019 Television Nurse TYO VICO DAC The Young Offenders Jim Archer
2019 Radio Mother & Narrator KICK HSE Campaign Noel Storey
2019 Radio Nora RTE The History Show Lorcan Clancy
2019 ShortFilm Nina Colo Pictures Nina Kerrie Costello & Julien Celin
2019 Stage Sinead Druid FUEL Twitch Claire Mullane
2018 Radio Homeless Mother Persuaion Republic Focus Ireland Campaign Alan Archbald
2018 Stage Violinist Dreamgun Psycho Stephen Colfer
2018 Voice Over Mum Persuasion Republic Focus Ireland Alan Archbald
2018 Radio Anchor Roseanne Lynch Anchor Roseanne Lynch
2018 ShortFilm Mum Dream Boat Under Growth Evin O'Neill
2018 Corporate Kate Escape Pod Media Nua Training Shoot Paudie Baggot
2017 RehearsedReading Peggy Casey Corps Ensemble Glanaphuca Jed Murray
2017 Stage Meredith Blue Heart Couples & Pairs 2 Joe Flavin
2017 Radio Performer Dead Zone Dead Zone Paul Doran
2017 Commercial Lucy Irish International Avonmore Stings Noel Byrne
2016 Stage Eleanor Graffiti Educational Theatre Co. Generation Revolution Emelie Fitzgibbon
2016 Television V/O Community Productions We Love Dublin John Breslin
2016 Stage Widow Conflicted Theatre & Eat My Noise Neon Western: A Prologue Gavin McEntee
2016 Stage A Game Theory Welcome to The Memory Palace Cathal O'Shea
2016 Stage Margaret Naylor Riverbank Art's Centre A Terrible Beauty- Exposed! Lianne O'Shea
2015 Stage Josie TDC SHOW Sisters of the Rising Anushka Senanayake
2015 Voice Over Narrator CARI CARI Fiona McGarry
2015 Stage Art Madra Mor We Lived in Cities ( Cork Film Festival ) Brian Benjamin Dwyer
2015 MusicVideo Girl on Bench NoName Media Shrug Life- Funderland David Knox
2015 Musical Girl Poppin Productions Duodeca Eamonn Shanahan
2015 ShortFilm Emily Kate Dolan Casual Kate Dolan
2015 Stage Art Madra Mor We Lived in Cities Brian Benjamin Dwyer
2015 Workshop Myself Bow Street Actor's Studio Cathy Brady
2015 ShortFilm Karen Triskel Discordance Chris O'Neill
2015 ShortFilm Tara Triskel Receptive. Totally Receptive. Chris O'Neill
2015 Workshop Myself RSC Ideastap Inspires Masterclass Ideastap
2015 Stage B ABC Terminus Jed Murray
2015 Stage Mother Maylin Productions Unconditional Rua O'Donoghue
2015 Stage Tom Conflicted Theatre Neon Western Gavin Mc Entee & Evan
2015 Video Mother Persuasion Republic Arthritis Ireland Alan Archbald
2015 Voice Over Mother Persuasion Republic NCIB Alan Archbald
2015 RehearsedReading Bridie The Dolmen Theatre The Christmas Tree Caroline Fitzgerald
2015 RehearsedReading Carla Casey The New Theatre Glanaphuca Jed Murray
2014 Stage Jo Maylin Productions Jesus Christ: It's Jesus! Rua O'Donoghue
2014 FeatureFilm Nora Barnacle Pooleen Prods. Shem the Penman Sings Again Padraig Trehy
2014 Stage Luma Smock Alley Boys School Adventures In Failure Jessica Carri
2014 Voice Over Teacher noname media Amberley Training David Knox
2014 Voice Over Teacher nonamemedia UCD Connect David Knox
2014 Stage B Thereisbear Terminus Emmet Byrne
2014 RehearsedReading Meli Everyman Theatre Cork Flames of Freedom Michael Barker-Caven
2013 ShortFilm Sylvia Lao Lao Prods. Mute Phil Ronayne
2013 Radio Rachel Audio Orchard The Cradle Chris Cleary
2013 Stage Alina Polish Theatre Ireland Foreign Bodies Lianne O'Shea
2013 Audio Magellah RTE The Boyle Wedding Patrick O'Donnell
2013 Voice Over Eva PCC Irish Cancer Society Charlie O'Neill
2012 Workshop . Druid Tom Murphy Thomas Conway
2012 Workshop . Everyman Palace Play and Process Michael Barker-Caven
2012 Workshop Young Man Abbey Yeats Sarah-Jane Scaife
2012 RehearsedReading Prospero Broken Crow Enter Juliet Ronan Fitzgibbon
2012 RehearsedReading Nest Corcadorca The Stars of Bel Air Pat Kiernan
2012 Educational Glen Youth Reach Cork 36hOURS Assistant Director
2012 Viral Fiona TIDAL Sam's Sweet Spuds Tidal
2012 Commercial Rockabilly girl Credit Union Sweet Media John Hayes
2012 Voice Over Young Girl Dublin PCC Charlie O'Neill
2012 Workshop Subconscious RoundHouse The Ecstasy of Life Jane Moriarty
2012 Educational Movement Director and Sound Designer Graffiti Theatre Company Oedipus and Antigone Geraldine O'Neill
2012 Workshop Facilitator Theatre Development Centre 32 Hours Geraldine O'Neill
2011 Stage Performer Ouroboros A Christmas Experience Mark Lambert
2011 Stage Isabella Text-Messages Measure for Measure Oonagh Murphy, Project Art's Centre
2011 Workshop Speaking without Language Dublin Painted Filly Theatre Co. Nick Johnson
2011 Workshop Shakespeare Abbey Ouroboros Theatre Co. Denis Conway
2011 Promo Kate Dublin Rebel Red Jim Dawson
2011 Workshop Minnaloushe Abbey Yeats Sarah-Jane Scaife
2011 Cabaret Petronella Stack Theatre, CSM The Flying Tavern of Mr Dodo Janusz Flakus
2011 Stage 743 The Complex One Waiting Room John Currivan
2010 Dance - Camden Palace Articulated Silence Inma Moya Pavon
2010 Commercial Sinead Dublin Spear Meteor Advert
2010 Stage Emily Spilt Gin Theatre Co. Soh Maeve Stone
2010 ShortFilm Aoife Cork Final Extracts Diarmaid Shortall
2010 Dance Contempory Dancer Cork Invisible Body Inma Moya-Pavon
2010 Musical MC Cork Babes in the Wood Neil Pearson
2009 Stage Varya Trinity The Cherry Orchard David Horan
2009 Musical Ropeen/Violinist Dublin The Hostage Sarah-Jane Scaife
2009 Stage Narrator/Violinist Beckett Theatre Sweeney's Flight Dr Eric Weitz
2009 Stage Narrator/Violinist Beckett Theatre Sweeney's Flight Dr Eric Weitz
2009 Voice Over Teacher Dublin English Language Exam Trinity College
2009 Educational Rachel Cork Permutations and Palpitations Emelie Fitzgibbon
2009 Stage Violinist Site-specific Hollander Sarah-Jane Power
2009 Film Celtic Noblewoman Cork Daughter of Rome Donogh Mac Carthy Morrough
2009 Stage Queen Elizabeth/Narrator Dublin Now is the Winter of Our Discontent Jason Byrne
2009 Radio Narrator The Book on 1 Hen Night Aiden Stanley
2009 Stage Arabella Dublin The Drunkard Raymond Keane
2008 Stage Clown Arezzo, Italy Clown Planet Eli Simon
2008 Dance Dancer UCD Blackrock Beckett's Lessness Diane Richardson
2007 Stage Paulina Trinity The Winter's Tale Andrea Ainsworth
2007 Stage Bass Drummer Corcadorca Woyzech Pat Kiernan
2006 ShortFilm Suzie Cork Grandfellas Brian Connolly
2006 RehearsedReading Girl Cork The Hill of Friday Olan Wrynn
2006 Stage Protestor Cork-Cobh Train The Train Show Tom Creed
2005 ShortFilm Girl Cork Sample Olan Wrynn
2004 Radio Karen RTE A Free Gaff Aiden Stanley

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