Nicola Murphy

Independent Actor


Full Name
Nicola Murphy
Physical Info
Female 5'3'' slim build with grey eyes, long brown hair 
Playing Ages
16 - 31 years old
Irish (native), Northern Irish, Cork, Limerick
Completed weekly acting classes with Tom Kibbe. Completed weekend intensive course with Tom Kibbe. Attended Audition Workshop at Fishpond. Completed Dublin Acting Classes with Terry McMahon. One Day Workshop – Constantin Stanislavski at Dublin Central School of Acting run by Elizabeth Moynihan. Acting For TV and Film at Dublin Central School of Acting run by Gillian Reynolds. Acting for Camera 1,2,3 and Actors Studio with ACTORSVISION Cork. Audition and Performance Masterclass with former Hollywood casting director Clair Sinnett.
Teaching Creative Writing
Athletics, Gaelic football, Hurling, Martial arts, Soccer

Show Reels

Voice Reels

Nicola Murphy


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2019 Event Henrietta, Rusty, Postie Fota Island Collection Wonder (Immersive Theatre) Fota Island Collection
2019 Stage Elizabeth de Winters Lorca Theatre Dark Angel Bill O'Sullivan
2018 Stage Bertha Mason Lorca Theatre Jane Eyre Bill O'Sullivan
2018 Documentary Katherine Loosehorse Election '18 Ruan Magan
2018 ShortFilm Ex Girlfriend Pulse College Night Amy O'Connor
2018 Documentary Gemma McCluskie Peninsula Television Evidence of Evil Charlotte Blennerhassett
2017 ShortFilm Marie Dublin Central School of Acting I'm Pregnant Thelma Rath
2015 ShortFilm Diane Actorsvision I love an Idiiot Darren Kelleher
2014 Stage Wife Actorsvision Justice Darren Kelleher
2014 Stage Kate Actorsvision Status Darren Kelleher
2014 Stage Ciara Actorsvision Anti-Social Darren Kelleher
2014 Stage Anna Young Actorsvision My Story Darren Kelleher

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