Colin Malone

Independent Actor


Full Name
Colin Malone
Physical Info
Male 5'11'' medium build with blue eyes, balding red hair and beard 
Playing Ages
30 - 43 years old
Kildare (native), American, English, Dublin
Over a decade acting in amateur competitive productions, winning the RTE Best Supporting Actor on three separate occasions. Unarmed Stage Combat Master Class with The Gaiety School of Acting (2017). Trained with The Lir Academy in Unarmed Stage Combat, Received Certificate from The Irish Dramatic Combat Academy as an Actor Combatant in the use of Unarmed Stage Combat. High Fall Training with Stunt School Ireland- Certificate on completion of Stunt School Irelands Falls and High Falls Training-18 ft. Certified by The Irish Dramatic Combat Academy in The Rapier and Dagger system.
Acting, Stage Combat, Pro Wrestling.
Dublin, Kildare
Martial arts
Vehicle Licences


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2018 Television Jason Deevey RTE Taken Down David Caffrey
2017 Television Axe Man History Channel Vikings Anthony Karkosza
2017 RehearsedReading Multiple Dublin Gay Festival Party Boy Brian Merriman
2015 Film Shooter John Sheridan, Paul Valentine JFK The Badge Man Conspirency John Sheridan, Paul Valentine
2014 Stage Alan Strange Silken Thomas Drama Equus Sean Judge
2013 Stage Darren Silken Thomas Drama Mercury Fur Sean Judge
2012 Stage Tommy Silken Thomas Drama Trainspotting Sean Judge
2007 Stage Felix Turner Silken Thomas Drama A Normal Heart Sean Judge

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