Cat Williams

Independent Actor


Full Name
Cat Williams
Physical Info
Female 5'6'' slim build with blue eyes, long strawberry blonde hair 
Playing Ages
16 - 25 years old
Irish, English, basic french
Irish Speaker
Donegal ( Soft north of Ireland) (native), Northern Irish (native), Dublin, Southern Irish, R.P, London, American (neutral), Scottish, Cockney
(BA) in drama performance at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama. Finished with a 1st Class Honours.
Puppetry, Singing, Guitar, Piano, strong swimmer, armed and unarmed stage combat. Trained in acting for camera and Commedia de'larte.
Derry, Donegal, Dublin
Additional Performances
Musical theatre, Singer, Voice Over

Show Reels


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2020 Street Theatre Alice Combarro Productions Alice in Wonderland Sinead O Donnell Carey
2020 Voice Over Mia and Freya Ink and LIght Royals Next Door Veronica Lassenius
2020 ShortFilm Nephew Kourouna Production The Wanting Alexandros Mattei
2020 ShortFilm Christina Sticky Tape Productions Mildly Different Anna Czarska
2019 Musical Depris Buiscuits for Breakfast A Little Heart Cillian O Donnachadha
2019 ShortFilm Lead - Niamh USW - Cardiff The Midnight Court and Other Aislings Alexandros Mattei
2018 Stage Ensemble Good Buzz Productions I Am Man Stephen Tagdh
2018 Stage Jill DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama The Half Promised Land Maisie Lee
2017 Radio Niamh Queer Moon Productions Prospect 57 Ella Maria Carmen/ Brid Ní Chomain
2017 Stage Ophelia DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama Hamlet Miriam O' Meara
2016 Street Theatre Margaret Skinnider RTÉ The 1916 Centenary Goretti Slevin
2014 Musical Eponine Blue Eagle Productions Les Miserables Jonathan Burges

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