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Aidan M

I love magic, music, good friends & making movies


Brennan Agency Young Actors
Agent name
Fiona / Laura




Full Name
Aidan M
Physical Info
Male 4'2'' slender build with green eyes, medium brown hair 
Date of Birth
May 2013
Playing Ages
7 - 9 years old
Just English
Irish (native), Scottish, RP, American
I act, sing and dance with Brennan Performing Arts every week for the past 5 years
Magic (I have very good slight of hand and do my own magic shows) * Semi - Finalist - Ireland's Got Talent 2019
To fly
My Favourite Actor
Robin Williams or Jack Black
One thing to bring to a desert island
Pack of Cards

Show Reels


Year Type Role Company Production name Director
2019 Television Aidan The Magician Virgin Media 1 Irelands Got Talent Semi Finalist Various
2018 Voice Over Leo Telegael YOYO Various
2017 Commercial Featured Boy Vodafone 'Getting To Know You' Getting To Know You - Vodafone Marc Hatfield
2017 Television Finn Burton The Ridge Film Productions DAC Red Rock Various
2016 Television Sporty Child RTE Fitness for kids RTE Junior
2016 Stage Oliver Brennan Performing Arts Oliver Noella Brennan
2016 ShortFilm Jack In association with RTE Leap of Faith Jonathan Farrelly

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