Fishpond is HIRING!

We have an exciting GROWTH and MARKETING role to fill and are looking for the right person.

Responsibilities include the following key areas:
Development and Delivery of a Marketing Strategy across all
Social Media Manager
Client development and liaison (casting side)
The role is approx 25 hours p/w with flexibility needed - open to
expanding this full time depending on skills, availability etc.
Your duties would include:
Developing and implementing a marketing strategy, utilising a range
of disciplines including direct marketing, advertising, social media
Devising social media content and managing social media across all
platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
Identifying and targeting new customers.
Liaising with current customers. Building relationships and
identifying areas for improvement.
Being responsible for the company’s profile.
Ideally you will:
Have an understanding of the casting industry and a keen interest, as
well as experience within the Film/TV industry.
Have marketing experience and knowledge as well as an
understanding of trends and developments in this area.

Be creative with a talent for devising marketing and communication
Be extremely organised, self sufficient and able to self motivate.
Have strong writing skills and the ability to write in the style of the
company’s current voice.
Be able to work well as part of a team and communicate with team
Be extremely personable and friendly – able to work closely with
clients to build relationships and provide excellent customer service.
Be enthusiastic, energetic, hungry and keen to achieve excellent
Comfortable with Mac computers and with design packages.
Be familiar with social media platforms particularly Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram.
Have excellent time and project management skills.
Have vision and ideas to help grow the company and be able to
implement them in an organised and efficient way.

To apply please send a CV and cover letter to
Tell us all about yourself, your skills and experience and why you feel
you would be a great fit for this role. Please include information on
your current availability.

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