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We are so excited to open Fishpond up to all of our lovely past Fishpondians for 4 whole weeks. There have been some big changes while you've been away and we want to show you! So jump in, YOUR ACCOUNT IS LIVE.  

Just click here and enter your username or email address and your old password. If you've forgotten your password you can click here to reset it.

Don't hang around - update your profile, apply for jobs and even use our brand new industry leading Auditioncam, which allows you to record and submit an audition direct from your smart phone.

Casting directors don't always send out a brief, they sometimes choose to search through the site and get in touch directly with suitable actors, so it's super important to keep your pics and reel up to date.

Record A Scene In A Click!

Not only can actors use Fishpond's Auditioncam to audition remotely, using your webcam, camera, tablet or smartphone, you can also film a clip for your profile.

Just log in and click on the brief which is named 'Use Fishpond's Auditioncam Now to Record a Video for your Profile'.

Once you've filmed your piece, Fishpond will add it to your profile for you. Having a video on your profile drastically improves your chances of being called in for an audition.

Check out this short explainer video to learn all about how you can record a video at home!

The pond is busier than ever this summer with 92 jobs having been sent out so far this year! 

What are you waiting for? Jump in, IT'S FREE! 

We're here if you need us. Just pop us an email to hello@fishpond.ie for more info or give us a call on 014433545. We can't wait to see you there. X

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